Drug Dealer From South Yorkshire Hid Cocaine In Kinder Egg

A drug dealer from South Yorkshire hid dozens of wraps containing cocaine in a Kinder Egg and has now been jailed.


During the case the court heard how the attention of police came to a car that was traveling along Drummond Street in Rotherham and then began pursuing it, with Ryan Colclough inside. Officers said that they thought the vehicle was trying to lose them as it was making many twists and turns in the streets of Rotherham town center.


The police used sirens to pull the vehicle to a stop and found that the car had drug paraphernalia on the back seat. Colclough from Burns Road in Rotherham was arrested and then searched. In his shorts, he had a Kinder Egg which was said to hold 46 wraps of cocaine weighing 2.28 grams said to be worth about £460.


Colclough has been sentenced to 32 months in jail and it was said that he was addicted to Spice at the time of the offense and since then has been working on a recovery.

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