Sheffield Brothers Head Of Drug Empire Living Lavish Lifestyle Jailed

Two brothers who are said to have lived lavish lifestyles when they were overseeing a huge drug empire in Sheffield have been sent to prison for a total of 15 years.


Police in South Yorkshire found what was called one of the biggest seizures of Class A drugs for many years when the found 11kg of heroin said to be worth £275,000 in a raid on the homes of Sajid Hussain and Abid Hussain.


Police said that the brothers, who were claiming benefits at the time, had flooded the streets of Sheffield with heroin while at the same time living out lifestyles of luxury from the drug money.


When police stormed the property in Burngreave in November last year Sajid was found to be wearing a Rolex watch worth £25,000. Police came across eight 500gram blocks of heroin which had been stashed in a cupboard along with seven one kilogramme blocks in the attic. They also found a hydraulic press in the attic, which had been used to help package the drugs into blocks.


A specialist team found a mixing unit of industrial quality in the dining room along with two sacks that contained 30kg of caffeine and paracetamol that was used to mix with the heroin.


Sajid was arrested and Abid was arrested just days later. Both of the brothers were charged with possessing with the intent to supply class A drugs and both were remanded into custody. Both brothers gave guilty pleas at court and Sajid was given eight years, while Abid was given seven. Following the case the investigation officer said that the seizure had been one of the biggest of class A drugs in South Yorkshire for many years.


The brothers had operated their drug den from their home address and didn’t think twice about sending it out onto the streets of South Yorkshire. Both were said to be found living about their means when arrested. Despite bringing in a great deal of money from their illegal activities both men had been claiming benefits.

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