Shop Assistant Threatened With Gun By Masked Intruders In Sheffield

An off-licence in Sheffield was the victim of a robbery when masked robbers threatened the assistant with a gun in what was described as being a terrifying armed raid.


Two men both had their faces covered up and were said to have stormed into the shop on Swanbourne Road in Parson Cross. One of the two was carrying a gun and he told the assistant to open up the till. He is said to have been wearing a grey mask, blue tracksuit bottom with white stripes and dark blue top.


The other man was wearing a blue jacket and had a hood up, dark trousers and gloves and white trainers. It was said that he was stood at the door to the shop and the other man stole cash from out of the till.


No one was said to be injured during the robbery and then men ran away from the shop and went into a gennel that led to Barnsley Road. The robbery took place on 6 May at about 9.25pm and police are asking for anyone who saw anything to come forward and quote incident number 1108 of 6 May 2017.

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