Spice, Zombie Drug, Seized In South Yorkshire Homes Raids

Spice, also called the zombie drug, has been found in homes of people in the South Yorkshire region during police raids.


Police teams raided properties in the Swinton, Rawmarsh and East Herringthorpe regions and seized the Spice along with cannabis. Spice is said to be a designer cannabis that is often called the zombie drug due to the fact that users are often left feeling like zombies and unable to move.


The substance is psychoactive and was formerly known as a legal high before it was outlawed last year. Experts have said that using it could lead to long term effects that are far worse than when taking heroin.



Police have not yet revealed any details about arrests made during the raids, which were just one part of a bigger operation that targeted illegal drivers.


Police in Rotherham worked in partnership with the Vehicle and Operator Standards Agency and Rotherham environmental health department and they stopped over 40 vehicles going through a checkpoint in Manvers.


One driver got a summons for driving without a licence or insurance and he also received tickets for having defects to his van, two others were said to get summons for having no insurance. Two drivers were also given fines on the spot for failure to have a valid MOT certificate and seven cars had defects and were taken off the road.


Crime prevention advice had been given during the day by police community support at Parkgate Retail World.

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